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Name: Mt. Mabilog
Eevation: 441 MASL
Difficulty: 2/9 Minor Climb
Location: Between Nagcarlan and San Pablo Laguna
Jump off: Pandin Lake, San Pablo
What to expect: Grassy, 5/7 visible lakes, Mt Banahaw and Mt. Cristobal and a bit of Mt. Makiling

Mt. Mabilog is nestled between  the 7 lakes of San Pablo City, Laguna. And surrounded by the giants Mts. Banahaw, Cristobal and Makiling. With the height elevation of 441 MASL, this place is a good start ground for the rookies for its 2/9 minor difficulty. But though its just a minor hike, there's still a challenge going  to the top and the summit. Not that hard though.When you reach the summit, it offers an amazing view overlooking the lakes in which you will see the most visible Lake Yambo Lake Pandin which is also the most famous 2 lakes, fronting at you, and bonus is that Mt. Banahaw, Mt. Cristobal and  Mt Makiling will make you say WOW to this lovely place is offering. The other 5 of the 7 lakes  are Calbato Lake,  Palakpakin Lake, Muhikap Lake, Bunot Lake, and lastly Sampaloc Lake.

This is where you are going to get a jeepney to "ilog"

We started to ascent around 10.00 am following the Sto. Angel Trail , (from Pandin Lake), which is the most common way people preferred to use for hiking Mt. Mabilog because here we have to opportunity to witness and visit the 2 famous lakes, the Pandin and Yambo. Our guide is an Older Guy living near the lake and got many stories while we were walking. He said that the trail to the Summit usually takes about 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs.We just kept on walking with our bottle of water as its very sunny and very hot that time. Following the trail, some are very easy some are quite steep, but generally its easy peasy! Just need a bit of preparation at least  before you hike or else you will be tired  easily.

path to the jumpoff 

to the jumpoff

to the jump off

when you see this , you are very near to the jump off

the walkway when you started trekking

After 1 hour and 15 minutes of walking and following the trail, we reached the summit. Hooray!!!
There's no doubt that this place is one of the best summit and easy to reach. Best overlooking view!
plus a great weather, No one is in the summit  so we literally owned the mountain for sometimes! It is such an amazing and great day! Me, my travel buddy and the guide rested for an hour in the summit, enjoying the wonders of the nature offers, had some snacks, took a little nap, and took some photos.
Remember to bring  your own trash bag. Leave no Trace!

manong guide and his pet

started trekking

atleast you need to be fit before you hike

posing while resting

1:00 pm. We started to descend, for the meantime i felt my legs were shaking! Probably as i'm not really into hiking and its been long time since i hiked. hahha. But i managed  going down and arrived safe in the last stop. Arrived after 50 minutes and then  rested 10 minutes for the next adventure. The Pandin lake.

the summit view

such a nice day

great day at the summit so windy

of course photo ops

How to get  to Mt. Mabilog


7:00 am Get Bus going to Lucena or San Pablo - Dela Rosa Bus in South Station
8:50 am Arrival in San Pablo - Bus dropped us as at Bus stop in front of Jollibee Maharlika
9:00 am Had breakfast in Jollibee
9:20 am Trike to 7/11 near San Pablo Cathedral tell the trike driver "Bayan"
9:30 am Arrived  Bayan get some water and trail food in 7/11
9:35 am Ride a jeepney going to Ilog  yell driver to drop you at Pandin Lake
10:00 am Arrived and walk towards the path to pandin lake ( hired a guy to lead us where the lake is)
10:20 am Registered and started the hike
11.40 am Reached summit
12.40 pm Started to walk back to the jumpoff
1:30 pm Arrived to the jump off Pandin Lake
2:00 pm Start of Pandin Lake adventure
7:20 pm Arrival in Alabang


115.00 - Bus from Alabang to San Pablo
100.00 - Breakfast at Jollibee
20.00   - Trike to Bayan ( San Pablo Cathedral) 40 pesos each trip /2
50.00   - 1lt of water and snacks at 7/11
13.00   - Jeepney to Ilog
25.00   - Guide from highway to the Lake ( 50 pesos tip /2)
175.00 - Guide fee to Mt. Mabilog (350 pesos per guide /2)
13.00   - Jeep from ilog to bayan
9.00     - Bayan to Sm San Pablo
70.00   - Sm San Pablo bus to Alabang (ordinary)

765.00 - Total expenses ( This is the expenses if you travelled by 2 ) The more people you are traveling with the cheaper the expenses it would be.

Check out the Pandin Lake Blog. Thanks for reading! Ciao!

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Mt. Mabilog Name: Mt. Mabilog Eevation: 441 MASL Difficulty: 2/9 Minor Climb Location: Between Nagcarlan and San Pablo Laguna Jum...